International Week @ El Corte – 03-09.07.2017

Komala & Stefan in El Corte

With Stefan & Komala

They teach 3 workshops during the International Week 2017 in El Corte.

  • Smooth boleos: small strokes without force
  • Kiss me goodnight: rhythmical games off the beat
  • Mellow moves: having a nice start of the day

Furthermore Komala is also teaching together with Eric whereas Stefan is available for private lessons during the whole week.

For more information about the International Week 2017 go the website of El Corte.

Workshops @ Tango Cheshire – 12-14.05.2017

Stefan & Komala @ Tango Cheshire

With Stefan & Komala

Saturday, 13/05/2017
13h00-14h30 The salida: taking a good start
15h00-16h30 Barreras: an elegant way of pausing
19h00-20h00 Milonga: Fast? Why fast?
20h00-23h30 Tango Party (with TJ Stefan Wimmer)
Sunday, 14/05/2017
13h00-14h30 Change of directions: smooth surprises
15h00-16h30 Entradas: the soft version of a sacada

On Friday Komala & Stefan are also invited by Sharon Koch to teach the Friday night class @ TangoIn in Chester.

You can also have a look at the website of Tango Cheshire.

Workshops @ Tanzatelier Widance – 18-19.11.2016

Workshops @ Tanzatelier widance 18./19.11.2016

With Stefan & Komala

With workshops during Saturday & Sunday afternoon!!!

Saturday 18/11/2016 16.00-19.00 o’clock Ochos: variety & expression
Sunday 19/11/2016 15.00-18.00 o’clock Dynamics and diversity with D’Arienzo & Troilo

Komala & Stefan are well known for their love of detail and their playfulness & fun during the lessons. During this intensive workshop weekend they concentrate on diversity, musicality and expression in the Tango.

Ochos belong to the nicest movements in Tango Argentino. We investigate the different possibilities how to get to an ocho and how we can use that to achieve more expression in the dance and the music. The most exciting question of course is how to develop other forms like boleos and changes of directions out of ochos. This question will be answered as well.

Dynamics and diversity touch one of the biggest fears of leaders: “Am I too boring to dance with? I’m dancing the same thing all the time.”
We show that even the simplest movements are enough to get some depth & colour into your dance if you execute the same movement with different intensity, dynamics & musicality. During this workshop we’ll also get involved with more complex movements like giros with the focus on the music. As a musical guideline we will use titles from two of the biggest orchestras in the history of the Tango Argentino: Juan D’Arienzo and An;iacute;bal Troilo. On the basis of different musical styles we’ll demonstrate how different movement can feel as long as you completely engage with the music.

To Komala & Stefan it matters a lot that the participants develop besides the insights into the technical part a keen sense how they can bring those concepts to life by applying the movements with different intensity being inspired through the music.

Lente & Zomercursus in El Corte 2016

Met Stefan & Komala

6 lessen voor verdieping & afwerking van het geleerde

Lente & Zomercursus 2016 in El Corte

Tijd: Dinsdag 20.15 – 21.55 uur
Level: Middengroep & hoger
Data: 24 & 31 mei
7 & 14 juni
20 & 27 september
Informatie over aanmelding, betaling & alle verdergaande vragen alleen bij de Stefan & Komala, niet via El Corte !!!
Kosten van € 100,- voor een pakket van 10 uur contant voldoen bij aanvang cursus aan docenten.
Losse lessen zijn mogelijk voor € 20,- voor een les van 1 uur en 40 minuten.
Deze workshops zijn geen opstap om een cursus over te slaan!
De flyer kun je hier bekijken.

Workshops @ Summerdaze 2016

With Stefan & Komala in El Corte, Nijmegen

Summerdaze 2016

Two workshops during the fantastic & relaxed Summerdaze from August 15th until 21st

In both workshops Komala & Stefan pick a specific theme and investigate the basic mechanisms behind that specific movement to enable every dancer to get a glance “behind the scenes” and make the movement his own by understanding the principles.

1st workshop: Play the mind: alterations
Thursday, August 18th
19:00 – 20:30 o’clock
2nd workshop: Getting bored? Know your variations!
Saturday, August 20th
13:00 – 14:30 o’clock
Price: € 17.50 per person
Location: El Corte, Graafseweg 108, 6512 CH Nijmegen
No need to register, just show up (preferrably with a partner though) & participate!

Workshops @ Tango Cheshire – 14-15.05.2016

Stefan & Komala @ Tango Cheshire

With Stefan & Komala

Saturday, 14/05/2016 Sunday, 15/05/2016
13h00-14h30 A touch of Tango: connection & technique. Getting into space: entradas, sacadas & wraps made easy.
15h00-16h30 Size matters: variations on the cross system. Vals: happy turns.
19h00-20h00 Milonga: Just for fun.
20h00-23h30 Tango Party (with TJ Stefan Wimmer)

On Friday Komala & Stefan are also invited by Sharon Koch to teach the Friday night class @ TangoIn in Chester.
They’ll work on “Some facets of turning”.

You can also have a look at the website of Tango Cheshire.