Stefan & Marian

Stefan & Marian - Portrait

Stefan & Marian have their base in El Corte Nijmegen NL. They are regular teachers at El Corte and at the community of Scala in Eindhoven. They also travel abroad to give workshops and perform.

As passionate dancers, they continuously develop their dancing skills. Their great aspiration in teaching is to share their ideas and experiences, allowing the student to discover his or her inner understanding of the dance.

Stefan & Marian have their own particular approach to the dance in which they search for the optimum of expression and dynamics in close embrace.

Starting from a refined and subtle connection, their deep insights in basic concepts enable them to recreate general movements into new and surprising shapes.

Their classes are focused on giving freedom to the dancers in order to find, within the connection to the partner, ways to transform music into a dynamic and yet relaxed dance.

You can also find some more information on Facebook:

The FB page Stefan & Marian

The FB group Tango Students Stefan & Marian>

Still pictures

Stefan & Marian PR 1
Stefan & Marian PR 2
Stefan & Marian PR 3
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Stefan & Marian PR 6
Stefan & Marian PR 7
Fotos by Ivo Chauveau
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Workshops & events

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