Workshops @ Summerdaze 2014

With Stefan & Komala in El Corte, Nijmegen

Summerdaze 2014

Two workshops during the fantastic & relaxed Summerdaze from August 18th until 24th

In both workshops Komala & Stefan pick a specific theme and investigate the basic mechanisms behind that specific movement to enable every dancer to get a glance “behind the scenes” and make the movement his own by understanding the principles.

1st workshop: Ocho cortado – deconstructed
Thursday, August 21st
19:00 – 20:30 o’clock
2nd workshop: Crossing points & lines
Saturday, August 23rd
13:00 – 14:30 o’clock
Price: € 15.- per person
Location: El Corte, Graafseweg 108, 6512 CH Nijmegen
No need to register, just show up (preferrably with a partner though) & participate!

Tango week @ La Frayssinette – 20/27.07.2014

With Stefan & Komala July 20th-27th 2014 in La Frayssinette

Stefan & Komala Frayssinette 2014

One week of Tango workshops in a small paradise in the South of France.

Two intensive classes a day with enough room in between to relax and enjoy the nature, the silence & the waterfall in the valley.
Milongas every evening and one afternoon free to discover the wonderful surroundings.

Click here for more information & some impressions …

Milonga Weekend Vienna – 27/28.06.2014

With Stefan & Marian

Stefan & Marian

International Milonga Weekend at Tango-DJ.AT in Vienna

Friday 27th June
  • (Workshop)  Verticality & rotation: the basics of the embrace for a better connection & freedom of moving in close embrace [18:00-19:15]
  • (Workshop)  Dynamics in turns: compact powerful turns for small spaces [19:30-20:45]
  • (Milonga)  Milonga with TJ Stefan [21:00-03:00]
Saturday 28th June
  • (Workshop)  Rebotes & torsion: effective use of the floor to create an element of surprise [14:00-15:15]
  • (Workshop)  Asynchronicity: play with the separation of your movements to give an extra touch to your dance [15:30-16:45]
  • (Práctica)  Guided práctica with Stefan & Marian [17:00-19:00]
  • (Milonga)  Milonga [21:00-04:00]

Tango Boost!!! – Summer 2014

With Stefan & Komala in Scala, Eindhoven

Tango Boost!!!

“It’s not about figures but about connection, improvisation & fun.”

An intensive workshop of Tango Argentino for starters and dancers who want to refresh their skills.

Komala & Stefan unveil the basic principles of communication and contact with your partner in a playful way that helps you to discover the possibilities of this unique dance. Argentine Tango is all about improvisation and connection to your partner through the music.

Sunday June 15th 14:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Sunday August 31st 14:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Sunday September 21st 14:00 – 17:00 o’clock
Special price: € 18.- per workshop
Location: Scala, Kanaalstraat 6, 5611 CT Eindhoven

Tango Sin Fin workshops @ Estudio de Tango – 07/09.06.2014

With Stefan & Komala 7/8/9 Juni 2014 in Wuppertal

Stefan & Komala Wuppertal 2014

3 days of workshops during the Tango Sin Fin Festival in Wuppertal

7/8/9 Juni 2014 in Wuppertal – Estudio de Tango, Gutenbergstr.10-12
Tango Workshops with the Mis Amores Komala & Stefan from Nijmegen

17.00-18.15h Workshop Elegance in your dance I / Level Basic – Advanced Break 15 min
18.30-19.45h Workshop Dance & space I / Intermediate – Advanced

17.00-18.15h Workshop Milonga / Level Basic – Advanced Break 15 min
18.30-19.45h Workshop Elegance in your dance II / Intermediate – Advanced

17.00-18.15h Workshop Dance & space II / Intermediate – Advanced Break 15 min
18.30- 19.45h Workshop Vals / Intermediate – Advanced

Price: per WS 25 € per person / with 3 WS 70 € per person