Autumn & winter season 2023 in El Corte, Nijmegen

Our group classes will resume from September 18th on until December 12th (tentative)!

Regular classes on Monday & Tuesday in El Corte autumn & winter 2023

21.00-22.30Theme classBasics for all levels
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Data Monday: The group classes on Monday start on September 18th.

Data Tuesday: The group classes on Tuesday start on September 19th.

The classes will continue until Tuesday 12 December 2023.

Please be aware that this date is tentative!

Location: El Corte, Graafseweg 108, 6512 CH Nijmegen

Please be reasonable and only show up if you’re in good health.

Besides that you need a valid strip card of course. You can purchase that via the website of El Corte.
Please make sure that you always have some strips left before entering the classes!

Visit the website of El Corte for more details about the regular classes on other days as well.
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