Classes in El Corte, Nijmegen

Thank you Komala

From the beginning of 2018 Komala will stop with giving weekly classes in El Corte.

I want to thank her from the depth of my heart for 17 years of teaching together with her with a lot of wisdom, laughter & love.

Komala will continue with teaching private classes & irregular special workshops. Watch this space!

With Stefan & Marian

Stefan is teaching regular classes in El Corte, Nijmegen on Monday & Tuesday together with Marian. There are two seasons: Spring and Autumn.

The autumn season is about to start again in the beginning of October!
Beforehead there will be Refresher courses for anyone who wants to refresh their dancing skills after the long summer break.

Refresher courses with Stefan & Marian in late summer 2019

Start the new season with these refresher classes in a slightly different format than you are used to!
September 16th & 17th September 23rd & 24th

Two lessons per evening with a special format where surprise is trump 😏

  Monday Tuesday
19.30-21.00 Intermediate Advanced
21.00-22.30 Theme class Beginners

The times & levels of the lessons remain the same but with the content we will have quite some fun! We mix musical elements (think of a certain rhythm or a specific orchestra) with movement concepts (figures like ocho, giro & cross step but also more basic things like posture, walking & connection). The elements are tailored to the level of each group and are selected at random 🙂
Be surprised (together with us)!

These lessons can be followed with the strip carnet.

More info:

Stefan | | 0625372458

Marian | | 0625044965

The regular classes will start again on Monday September 30th and Tuesday October 1st 2019.

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Regular classes on Monday & Tuesday autumn & winter 2019

  Monday Tuesday
19.30-21.00 Intermediate Advanced
21.00-22.30 Theme class Beginners

Data Monday: The Monday classes start on September 30th.

Data Tuesday: The Tuesday classes start on October 1st.

Visit the website of El Corte for more details about the regular classes & the registration.

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