Autumn season 2020 in El Corte, Nijmegen

Regular classes on Monday & Tuesday in the autumn & winter of 2020

Due to COVID-19 we start earlier in the middle of September!!!

First class will be on September 14th & 15th.

Space is limited to 9 couples. Registration obligatory.

  Monday Tuesday
19.30-21.00 Intermediate Advanced
21.00-22.30 Theme class Beginners
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Data Monday: The Monday classes start on September 14th.

Data Tuesday: The Tuesday classes start on September 15th.

Registration is obligatory due to the COVID-19 rules of the Dutch government. That’s why we’re asking you to register for *every single* lesson. Thanks for your understanding.

To make it a bit more convenient you can just check the days you’re attending to in the registration form below.

Please visit the website of El Corte for more details about the regular classes.