Autumn & winter season 2021 in El Corte, Nijmegen

Covid-19 Situation

Until further notice the evening classes on Monday & Tuesday are on hold.

The only possibility to to keep working on your dance are privates.
Please contact me in case of interest.

Please stay safe & sound!

Special classes on Sunday afternoon in December & January 2021/22

Wish concerts on Sunday December 19th

Cancelled due to complete lockdown   

Wish concert 1: 12.30 o’clock – 14.00 o’clock

Wish concert 2: 14.00 o’clock – 15.30 o’clock

Costs: 1 strip per person per class.

Please be reasonable and only show up if you’re in good health. We are still obliged to control your Coronavirus entry pass when you enter El Corte.

Registration is obligatory due to the COVID-19 rules of the Dutch government. That’s why we’re asking you to register for *every single* lesson. Thanks for your understanding.

Regular classes on Monday & Tuesday in El Corte spring & summer 2022

21.00-22.30Theme classBasics
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At the moment we have no sight yet when we can start up group classes again. We hope to get more information at the next evaluation point on January 15th.
Keep an eye on this website and of course the website of El Corte for the latest developments.
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