Spring season 2021 in Scala, Eindhoven

Covid-19 Situation

At the press conference of 11 May 2021 it was revealed that there are new possibilities to dance again in closed spaces πŸ™‚

In practice that means that we’re only allowed to offer training occasions with personal assistance. For more details see below.

There are some conditions attached to it, as described in the opening plan of the government, and the number of IC and hospital admissions must continue to fall, otherwise – as it is very visually described – β€œthe pause button is pressed”.

Definite confirmation on May 17th!

We intend to start the new spring season on 02 & 03 June 2021.

Stay safe & sound!

Training classes on *Wednesday* evening with Stefan & Marian in May 2021

Before we continue with a new season, we seize – prompted by the existing conditions associated with the Covid-19 measures – the opportunity to offer training lessons for two weeks in May. With this we not only catch up with the outstanding lessons, but also briefly review the material from last season so that everyone can refresh their knowledge and come back in after the long break.

Even though these lessons are thought of as a catch-up moment, interested dancers who did not participate in the lessons of last season can also join in for the price of a single lesson of € 14 per person. Registration is a requirement for everyone and can be done via the form below.

Regular classes on *Wednesday* evening with Stefan & Marian in the spring of 2021

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation we keep offering a package of 12 lessons. Those weekly classes consist of 12 evenings where we offer classes on three different levels on Wednesday & Thursday evening starting from 19 o’clock. Dutch and English spoken. Students can catch up missed lessons on both evenings as long as there is enough space. There is a limit of 10 couples per group due to Covid-19.
  1. “Tango Basics” 19:00 – 20:00
    An introduction course to Argentine Tango with focus on connection, basic understanding of movements & music.
  2. “The Next Step” 20:10 – 21:10
    For anyone who wants to get to know the rich facets of Tango, consolidate his technique and train his ear for the music.
  3. “In Depth” 21:20 – 22:20
    For those who already dance a few years and dare to go deep.

Class dates: hopefully in June

Regular classes on *Thursday* evening with Stefan & Marian in the spring of 2021

  1. “Improvers” 19:00 – 20:00
    We work on basic techniques, new combinations and insights to develop your dance.
  2. “Intermediate” 20:10 – 21:10
    We integrate all aspects of Tango and put the focus on execution, technique, connection and expression in the music.
  3. “Advanced” 21:20 – 22:20
    We dive into well-known material, de-compose it and rebuild it that you’ll be able to re-disover your dance and enrichen it. More dance experience is required for this.

Class dates: hopefully in June