Zomercursus in Scala 2016

With Stefan & Marian

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Summer time is the period with a lot of irregular activities as vacations and other interesting stuff. Hence we made a summer program on which everyone can participate at his own pace. You can book single lessons or evenings of you own choice. And if it suites you you can also participate on all classes which equals an whole season of 12 lessons. The classes will take place alternating on Wednesday and Thursday to meet the needs of our students of that specific day.

The program itself gets a structure different from the weekly classes during the spring and winter season. We’re giving 2 classes per evening treating one specific subject in two different ways. This way the evening gets a complete and exhaustive system around one theme. We’ve chosen themes on which everyone can work on his/her own level.

19:30 – 20:30
Lesson 1: focus on technique & execution   T& U 
20:45 – 21:45
Lesson 2: focus on musicality & improvisation   M& I 

Wed May 18

1 ochos in various combinations   T& U 

2 ochos in various combinations   M& I 

Wed June 1

5 giros   T& U 

6 giros   M& I 

Wed August 24

9 milonga   T& U 

10 milonga   M& I 

Thu May 26

3 boleos & ganchos   T& U 

4 boleos & ganchos   M& I 

Thu June 9

7 vals   T& U 

8 vals   M& I 

Thu September 1

11 sacadas & entradas   T& U 

12 sacadas & entradas   M& I 


You’ll enjoy a discount if you register in advance for several classes or evenings. Of course you can also just join us in the evening without registration and participate. Please inform in advance whether there’s still place left.

13,- per single lesson

25,- per evening or 2 lessons

70,- per 3 evenings of 6 lessons

130,- per 6 evenings of 12 lessons

Please pay cash before the lessons start.

Contact & info:

You can also register via phone or email with either of us.
Marian 0625044965 | marianrotterdam@gmail.com
Stefan 0625372458 | stefan@tangoartisan.com

Have a look on the flyer!
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