The adventure called Music – 20-22.03.2015

The adventure called Music - March 2015
Friday March 20th
19.30-21.00Close-up: embrace the music (Daniela & Raimund + Stefan & Marian)
21.00-01.00Warm-up Milonga – TJ Raimund
Saturday March 21st
13.00-13.30Lecture: History of Milonga (Raimund)
13.30-15.00Cool Milonga! (Daniela & Raimund)
15.30-16.00Lecture: Who’s who: Di Sarli | Donato (Raimund)
16.00-17.30Romance and playfulness: dance Di Sarli & Donato (Marian & Stefan)
20.00-04.00Milonga La Roca (Organized by Cheek2Cheek) – TJ Daniela
Sunday March 22nd
13.00-13.30Lecture: History of Vals (Raimund)
13.30-15.00Vals: Fly with me (Marian & Stefan)
15.30-16.00Lecture: Who’s who: Pugliese | Biagi (Raimund)
16.00-17.30Tango goes extreme: dance Pugliese & Biagi (Daniela & Raimund)
18.00-00.00Chill-out Milonga – TJ Stefan
All workshops & milongas @ De Danswerkplaats
Oude Fabriekstraat 20
3812 NR Amersfoort
1 workshop of 2 hours (lecture + workshop): € 25.-
2 or more workshops: € 22.- per workshop
Whole package of workshops: € 100.-

Warmup/Chillout milonga: € 6.-
Milonga La Roca (organized by Cheek2Cheek): € 8.-
More info
Stefan: +31625372458
Marian: +31625044965

Find out more about Daniela & Raimund on their website: !!!And there’s of course more information about Stefan & Marian …For any news around the event like sleeping or feeding places you can also have a look at our page on Facebook: Stefan & Marian: The adventure called Music
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