The Easter Ensueños Project @ De Danswerkplaats – 14-17.04.2017

With Daniela & Raimund || Stefan & Marian

The Berlin Connection

It’s Easter weekend! We have more time to submerge into the world of Tango, start dreaming and do what we enjoy most: dancing ?

Join us with “The Easter Ensueños Project”.

And there is more than that of course!

The four Easter days offer you a unique concept of workshops combined with lectures on tango and musicality. Even more than in the case of other social dances, the understanding of music is an important condition for an exciting and creative dance. Both parties are required to create the fascinating game together. That is why we deepen our access to music and explore the possibilities to enrich our dance.
Daniela & Marian So you will listen to music, you will hear stories about that music and it’s protagonists and you will work on the possibilities how to express this music in your very own dance.
To give you the opportunity to work consistently and without a hurry we organize the classes on Saturday and Sunday in the form of seminars which will stretch over the whole afternoon (with breaks of course).

The Easter weekend will start though with a drop-in class on Friday.
Raimund & Stefan And on Monday you get the chance to participate on a long audio-visual lecture about Tango Argentino given by Raimund Schlie.
Raimund is an experienced speaker who gives talks about Tango Argentino all over Europe and is well know by his ability to spice up the historical facts with nice little anecdotes. He also makes the relationships between the musicians and orchestra leader transparent which helps enormously understand what in fact was going in during the first decades of the 20th century in Buenos Aires.

But dancing makes hungry!

There are plenty of possibilities to have a dinner on Saturday & Sunday evening at one of the restaurants in the vicinity of De Danswerkplaats which all serve delicious food!

The program

Friday April 14th
19.30-21.00Drop-in class (Daniela & Raimund + Stefan & Marian)
21.00-01.00Welcome Milonga – TJ Stefan
Saturday April 15th
✫ Noble crossings with Canaro
✫ Playful D’Arienzo: the power of ocho cortado
✫ Energetic corridas inspired by Di Sarli
21.00-04.00Milonga La Roca (Organized by Cheek2Cheek) – TJ Raimund
Sunday April 16th
✫ Sharp & sentimental boleos powered by De Caro
✫ Catch me if you can: bitter-sweet foot kisses dedicated to Troilo
✫ Humble delays & modest arrivals: knocking on Pugliese’s door
19.30Dinner ?
Monday April 17th
17.00-23.00Farewell Milonga – TJ Daniela

The prices

First there are the basic prices for:

Seminar (4 hours)€ 60,-
Audio-visual lecture (3 hours)
The heroic journey to the history of Tango
€ 30,-
Drop-in class (1½ hours)€ 15,-
Welcome & Farewell Milonga€ 7,-
Milonga La Roca (organized by Cheek2Cheek)€ 8,-

Furthermore we offer a wide range of booking options with passes to give you the possibility to choose different packages and get some decent discount.

Full pass
All inclusive:
3 Milongas, 9½ hours of workshops, 3 hours of audio-visual lecture
€ 160,-
Seminar pass
2 days seminar (8 hours)€ 100,-
Daily pass
1 day seminar plus Milonga€ 60,-
Milonga pass
All 3 Milongas€ 18,-

The registration

    The Easter Ensueños Project @ De Danswerkplaats - April 2017

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    Drop-in class (1½h) [Friday]
    Day Seminar I (4h) [Saturday]
    Day Seminar II (4h) [Sunday]

    Lecture 'The heroic journey to the history of Tango' (3h) [Monday]


    Welcome Milonga [Friday]
    Milonga La Roca [Saturday]
    Farewell Milonga [Monday]


    We are very happy to announce that there is also the possibility to have dinner at the brand new restaurant KROAST on 200m distance from De Danswerkplaats. If you're interested in joining us with the Saturday or Sunday dinner you can check the option below. If prefer to make a reservation with KROAST directly you can follow this link to do so.

    Don't wait too long! They are the new hotspot in town and even though they're not open yet they receive a lot of reservations.

    Dinner [Saturday]
    Dinner [Sunday]

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