The Berlin Connection: Tango • Music • Seminar – 03-05.09.2021 Berlin

With Daniela & Raimund || Stefan & Marian

The Berlin Connection: Tango • Music • Seminar – 03-05.09.2021 Berlin

“The Berlin Connection” is a joint project by Stefan & Marian from the Netherlands and Daniela & Raimund from Berlin.

The four have known and valued each other as dancers and teachers for many years and, in addition to Tango, they also have a very intense friendship with each other.

Dance and music in Tango cannot be separated from each other. With some knowledge we have better access to the specifics of Tango and our dance becomes more expressive.

Our workshop weekend offers a special concept for this: Before each workshop there is a short introduction to the topic, after which we move on to the practical part.

Friday, September 3rd
19.00 – 21.00Tango histories with Raimund
Saturday, September 4th
13.00 – 17.30Seminar day 1
incl. breaks
Sunday, September 5th
13.00 – 17.30Seminar day 2
incl. breaks
All seminars including Tango histories – Fri. | Sat. | Sun. (11 hours): € 150,- per person
1 seminar day Sat. or Sun. (4.5 hours): € 70,- per person
Tango histories Fri. (2 hours): € 20,- per person
nou Tango
Chausseestraße 102
10115 Berlin
Registration & info
0049|(0)172|32 32 152
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