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Stefan Wimmer – the person behind Tango Artisan.

He is a teacher, TJ and host at El Corte in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Stefan is teaching together with Komala & Marian.

In the picture

After the governmental announcement of the additional measures on March 15th, we feel obliged to discontinue all lessons & workshops until at least April 6th. We find this extremely regrettable but have no choice but to go along with the advice of the government, the RIVM and the GGD.

We do this with pain in our hearts.

We can only count on your understanding and hope that after this period of suspension we will be able to welcome everyone back to our lessons & workshops in best health and with a lot of desire to finally be able to dance again!

We wish everyone lots of strength, health & resistance to get through these bizarre times!

Voorjaarsseizoen 2020 in El Corte, Nijmegen
Reguliere wekelijkse Tango lessen in El Corte, Nijmegen, met Stefan & Marian in het voorjaar. Voor alle niveaus.
Voorjaarsseizoen 2020 in Scala, Eindhoven
Wekelijkse Tango lessen in Scala, Eindhoven, met Stefan & Marian gedurende het najaarsseizoen 2019. Voor alle niveaus.