Workshops @ Summerdaze 2018

With Stefan & Komala in El Corte, Nijmegen

Summerdaze 2018

Two workshops during the always sunny & relaxed Summerdaze from August 19th until 26th

In both workshops Komala & Stefan pick a specific theme and investigate the basic mechanisms behind that specific movement to enable every dancer to get a glance “behind the scenes” and make the movement his own by understanding the principles.

1st workshop: Footloose
Thursday, August 23th
19:00 – 20:30 o’clock
2nd workshop: Follow the lead
Saturday, August 25th
13:00 – 14:30 o’clock
Price: € 20,- per person
Location: El Corte, Graafseweg 108, 6512 CH Nijmegen
No need to register, just show up (preferrably with a partner though) & participate!

Workshops @ Tanzatelier Widance – 09.06.2018

Workshops @ Tanzatelier widance 09.06.2018

With Stefan & Komala

Staccato & legato: musical terms brought to life with cortados & paradas
A seminar from 15:00 – 18:00 o’clock
Staccato is an essential rhythmical element of the Tango Argentino. The short strong notes provide a swinging and lively character to the music and stimulate the dancers to keep moving. besides simple but rhythmically diverse shifts of weight it is above all the Ocho cortado which is suited to express the staccato feeling in the dance. Albeit being a very common movement the Ocho cortado due to his complexity still is a challenge which – executed correctly – can provide quite some surprises.
Legato on the other hand facilitates the dancers with a lot of calmness with the tied and connected character of the music. It offers them the possibility to integrate a moment of stillness into their dance paired with elegance. There is one stylistic element which is especially suited to honour those precious moments of stillness in the music: Paradas – little pauses in the dance introduced with a gentle stop. The continuation after those quiet moments is initiated with Pasadas – the occasion for followers to render their dance in a personal way and give it a special expression.

Tango8 – Pfingstseminar 18-21.05.2018

Tango8 Pfingstseminar 2018

Mit Stefan & Marian

Stefan Wimmer & Marian Breedveldt (Holland)
sind ein angesehenes Tanz- & Lehrerpaar aus Nijmegen und Tilburg. Ausgehend von einer sehr feinsinnigen und subtilen Verbindung im Paar zeichnet ihr Tanzen ein hohes Maß an Bewegungsdynamik und Ausdrucksstärke in der engen Tanzhaltung aus. In ihrem Unterricht geben sie auf sympathische & humorvolle Weise ihre Ideen & Konzepte eines dynamischen & entspannten Tanzens weiter.

Ina, Kathrin & Jens
tanzen und unterrichten Tango Argentino seit vielen Jahren in Köln, Berlin und bei verschiedenen internationalen Workshops und Tangoreisen und betreiben seit 2011 die tango8 Köln. Alle drei haben ihre Ausbildung bei renommierten Tangolehrern absolviert und bilden sich regelmäßig in Europa und Buenos Aires weiter.
In ihrem humorvollen, didaktisch ausgezeichnetem Unterricht gehen sie individuell & einfühlsam auf ihre Schüler ein.

Das Programm im Detail

Level: Alle Workshops ab fortgeschritte Anfänger/1 Jahr Tanzerfahrung

Freitag 18. Mai
19:30 – 21:00 Uhr Nehmen & geben: Elastizität & Fliehkraft im Vals | Stefan & Marian
Ab 21 Uhr Milonga | DJ Ina Greiner
Samstag 19. Mai
15:45 – 17:15 Uhr Tanztechnik: Spannung & Entspannung nutzen, um sich kraftvoll & durchlässig zu bewegen | Marian & Kathrin
17:30 – 19:00 Uhr 8 gross und klein geschrieben: Das Spiel mit den Ochos | Ina & Stefan
Sonntag 20. Mai
14:30 – 16:00 Uhr Auf dem kürzesten Weg: überraschende Verbindungen zwischen bekannten Elementen | Marian & Jens
Ab 16 Uhr Tangocafé | DJ Stefan Wimmer
Montag 21. Mai
14:00 – 15:30 Uhr Stop-motion: Dynamik & Breaks in Milonga | Marian & Jens
15:45 – 17:15 Uhr Alles hat ein Ende: Verdopplungen & Gewichtswechsel leicht gemacht | Kathrin & Stefan

Mehr Information zu Preisen & Anmeldung sind auf der Webseite von tango8 zu finden.

Workshops @ Tango Cheshire – 11-13.05.2018

Stefan & Komala @ Tango Cheshire

With Stefan & Komala

Saturday, 12/05/2018
1h30-3h00 Ocho technique: mechanics & emotion
3h30-5h00 The salida in the cross system
7h00-8h00 Vals: round walking around
8h00-11h30 Tango Party (with TJ Stefan Wimmer)
Sunday, 13/05/2018
1h30-3h00 Paradas & pasadas: powerful & elegant at the same time
3h30-5h00 Milonga: down to earth

On Friday Komala & Stefan are also invited by Sharon Koch to teach the Friday night class @ TangoIn in Chester.

You can also have a look at the website of Tango Cheshire.

Werk aan de Winkel 2018

An irregular series of extra long workshops with Stefan & Marian

Werk aan de Winkel 2018
These workshops are built around one specific subject which will be treated in depth. The participants get an insight into the basic structure of the subject and have the time to explore the possibilities how to play with it. The workshops are organized in different places in The Netherlands.

Friday February 16th @ El Corte, Nijmegen

Weight shifts & and interplay as a dialogue

Weight shifts are a very delicate & exciting way to communicate with each other.

They go beyond simple stamping and open the window to a whole universe of possibilities in your dance with a real dialogue between the leader & the follower.

20:00 ’til 22:00 o’clock

€ 20,- p.p. for the workshop

El Corte, Graafseweg 108, 6512 CH Nijmegen

No registration needed. Just show up for the workshop with your partner.
More info: Send an or call 06-25372458

Afterwards salon with TJ Stefan ’til 24:00 o’clock

Tango holidays on Stromboli – 17.06.-23.06.2018

With Daniela & Raimund || Stefan & Marian

The volcanic island in the north of Sicily offers a beautiful nature, spectacular mountain landscapes and black beaches that invite you to bathe in the clear sea. The Berlin Connection offers a six-night stay including a half-board in double or multi-bed rooms, 12 hours of Tango lesson, milongas, excursions to the volcano and lots of dolce vita. In addition, there is enough time for personal activities and on request privates. Travel expenses are not included in the price. You can travel via Catania or Palermo and from there by boat.

You can find more information about the location, program & travel options on the website from Daniela y Raimund.

  • 7 Days
  • 6 Nights
  • 12 h of lessons
  • Milongas
  • Excursion to the Volcano

750,00 €

The program in detail

Sunday June 17th
Getting there
Monday June 18th
10:30 – 12:00 h Lesson I
17:30 – 19:00 h Lesson II
19:00 h Dinner & Dance
Tuesday June 19th
10:30 – 12:00 h Lesson III
17:30 – 19:00 h Lesson VI
19:00 h Dinner & Dance
Wednesday June 20th
Day off – possibility for a trip to the crater
19:00 h Dinner & Dance
Thursday June 21st
10:30 – 12:00 h Lesson V
17:30 – 19:00 h Lesson VI
19:00 h Dinner & Dance
Friday June 22nd
10:30 – 12:00 h Lesson VII
17:30 – 19:00 h Lesson VIII
19:00 h Dinner & Dance
Saturday June 23rd
Going home

The Berlin Connection on Stromboli

The Berlin Connection: Living colours !!! – 20-22.04.2018

With Daniela & Raimund || Stefan & Marian

The Berlin Connection: Living Colours !!!

Welcome at the weekend seminar“Living Colours !!!”

Learn as you dance.
We want you to listen differently to music and dance differently to every piece of music. Therefore we stay closely connected to the character of the milongas you attend to dance with a lot of different styles and types of music.

Four qualities: power, calm, vigour, happiness.
Four colours: red, blue, green, yellow.
Let’s mix 😏

To give you the opportunity to work consistently and without a hurry we organize the classes on Saturday and Sunday in the form of seminars which will stretch over the whole afternoon (with breaks of course).

The weekend seminars will start with a very interactive lecture on Friday called “Orchestral playground” given by Raimund Schlie. In these two hours we will discover Tango music and its protagonists. Using videos, music, lots of information and – of course – practical exercises we will reveal the essentials of this fascinating music: who created it and how did these guys do it?

Some background.

Most of the milongas are structured in blocks of music (tandas). The DJs do their very best to weave a diverse and exciting carpet of music during the event to entice the dancers to keep dancing and inspire them with a lot of different music. The dancers on their part want to respond to that diversity by expressing the music with a different quality of movement according to the music. Our goal is to stay in the seminars as close as possible to that diverse character of the milonga.

To achieve that we are defining for four primary qualities: power, calm, vigour and light. There are of course much more qualities and facets but by isolating those basic entities we get a basic platform to work on.

Now lets assign these primary qualities with a colour: power = red, calm = blue, vigour = green and light = yellow.

The idea is to reduce every song to one of those four primary qualities. Having done that we can adjust our dance according to our quality of choice. That means that we have uncountable possibilities to vary our way of moving. That is true in the first place for our own body but it also is applicable inside the couple.

How it works.

On every seminar day we have a couple of buckets – assigned to one of the primary colours. We fill every bucket with a music (that might be a single piece or a whole tanda) and a movement. During the seminar every bucket will be used in a different way. There is no time limit which means that on some buckets will only be worked for 15 minutes whereas others take 45 minutes to be handled.

The aim is to first single out the basic quality of a song or tanda and apply it to the movement in the bucket. From there on we go to the facets, edges and overlappings of both the music and the movement which always exist.

What about food?

There are plenty of possibilities to have a dinner on Saturday & Sunday evening at one of the restaurants in the vicinity of De Danswerkplaats which all serve delicious food!

During the seminars on Saturday & Sunday we will provide you also with delicious but not too luscious snacks & drinks.

The program

Friday April 20th
19.30 Doors are open
20.00-22.00 Lecture “Orchestral playground” with Raimund
22.00-01.00 Welcome Milonga – DJ Raimund
Saturday April 21st
Ocho cortado in Vals —
Enrique Rodríguez
Backward ocho —
Ricardo Malerba
Boleos —
Carlos Di Sarli
Closing steps —
Edgardo Donato

Ocho cortado in Vals —
Francisco Canaro
Backward ocho —
Francisco Lomuto
Boleos —
Rodolfo Biagi
Closing steps —
Roberto Firpo

21.00-04.00 Milonga La Roca (Organized by Cheek2Cheek) – DJ Daniela
Sunday April 22nd
Walk —
Ángel D’Agostino
Turn —
Pedro Laurenz
Paradas & pasadas —
Miguel Caló
Vaiven —
Francisco Canaro

Rhythmical walk with cortes —
Julio de Caro
Turn —
Pedro Laurenz
Paradas & pasadas —
Osvlado Pugliese
Vaiven in Milonga —
Orquesta Típica Victor

The prices

All seminars Fri. | Sat. | Sun. (10 hours) € 120,- per person
1 day seminar Sat. | Sun. (4 hours) € 60,- per person
Interactive lecture “Orchestral playground” Fri. (2 hours) € 20,- per person
Welcome milonga on Friday € 7,- per person
(€ 5,- for seminar participants)
Milonga La Roca on Saturday (organized by Cheek2Cheek) € 8,- per person
(€ 5,- for seminar participants)

The registration

Your name (required)

E-mail address (required)

Partner (please contact us if you need a partner)


Lecture 'Orchestral Playground' (2h) [Friday]
Day Seminar I (4h) [Saturday]
Day Seminar II (4h) [Sunday]

Further comments

Mattstedt Tango – Intensive weekend 16-18.03.2018

Stefan & Marian @ Mattstedt Tango

With Stefan & Marian

5 intensive workshops with different themes & good food in a fantastic environment!!!

The program in detail

19:00 – 21:15 Workshop 1
21:30 Dinner
10:30 Breakfeast
12:00 – 13:00 Workshop 2
13:30 – 14:30 Workshop 3
Coffee + cake
16:30 – 18:00 Workshop 4
19:00 Pizza-party with pizza baked in a stone oven
(guests are welcome with registration)
21:00 Milonga (open for everyone!!!!!)
10:30 Breakfeast
12:00 – 14:15 Workshop 5
Coffee + cake