Workshops @ Summerdaze 2022

Two workshops with Komala & Stefan during the finally reborn Summerdaze from August 3rd until 7th 2022. In both workshops Komala & Stefan show that it takes not much to enrich your dance enormously by slight changes of the patterns you’re using already. Not to mention the influence of music on your dance. Diversity matters 🙂

The Berlin Connection: Tango Beyond Figures 20-22 May 2022

De Danswerkplaats, Amersfoort.
We’re using well known songs in different versions interpreted by different orchestras at different areas to find the similarities and certainly the differences.
You don’t have to be a musician to be able to dance like one. Everyone is hearing something in the music – be it the rhythm, be it the melodies or even the more delicate notes of single voices or instruments. Imagine you’re the musician playing that instrument!
We want to make a connection between the ears and the feet and use everything in between as a resonating body.

Tango holidays on Stromboli – 5-11 June 2022

The volcanic island in the north of Sicily offers a beautiful nature, spectacular mountain landscapes and black beaches that invite you to bathe in the clear sea. The Berlin Connection offers a six-night stay including a half-board in double or multi-bed rooms, 12 hours of Tango lesson, milongas, excursions to the volcano and lots of dolce vita. In addition, there is enough time for personal activities and on request privates.
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