El Corte

Workshops @ Summerdaze 2022

Two workshops with Komala & Stefan during the finally reborn Summerdaze from August 3rd until 7th 2022. In both workshops Komala & Stefan show that it takes not much to enrich your dance enormously by slight changes of the patterns you’re using already. Not to mention the influence of music on your dance. Diversity matters 🙂

Tango in Nijmegen – El Corte

With Stefan & Marian Stefan is teaching regular classes in El Corte, Nijmegen on Monday & Tuesday together with Marian. There are two seasons: Spring and Autumn. Go to the top ⇪ Thank you Komala ♥ From the beginning of 2018 Komala will stop with giving weekly classes in El Corte. I want to thank …

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