Intensiv-Workshop @ Esquina del Tango – 05.09.2018

Workshop @ Esquina del Tango 05.09.2018

With Stefan & Marian

“Spiralbewegungen in der engen Umarmung”

A seminar 19:00 – 21:00 o’clock

Spiral movements are an essential part of Tango Argentino.

It starts in our own body where torsion plays an important role in ochos & giros and of course continues in the interaction between the partners who continuously move around a common axis. In this seminar we look first how spiral movements work in the own body and how you can use them to be able to move with complete freedom in close embrace.

Next we will study the possibilities how we can apply those insights to revive our turns in close embrace and give them another spin.

Here you can find more information about Esquina del Tango in Erfurt.

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