Seminar @ Esquina del Tango – 04.09.2019

Seminar @ Esquina del Tango 04.09.2019

With Stefan & Marian

“Flexibility & dynamics in close embrace – A journey through the body”

A seminar from 19:00 – 22:00 o’clock (of course with breaks in between)

We *love* to dance in close embrace!!!

Not only does it give us the most intimate connection in our dance but it also offers us enough challenges how to dance as dynamic & diverse as possible. An enormous flexibility in the embrace is necessary for this to offer enough space to dance very complex movements as well.

In this seminar, we focus on a couple of points in our own body whose connection between each other is essential for a flexible connection to the partner. In doing so, we slowly work our way through from top to bottom and experience the effects on our embrace and the opportunities that arise from it at every single point.

An exciting journey that opens up every dancer’s own spectrum of movements and possibilities and sets no limits to the creativity of the couple!

Here you can find more information about Esquina del Tango in Erfurt.

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