Milonga Weekend Vienna – 27/28.06.2014

With Stefan & Marian

International Milonga Weekend at Tango-DJ.AT in Vienna
Friday 27th June
  • (Workshop)  Verticality & rotation: the basics of the embrace for a better connection & freedom of moving in close embrace [18:00-19:15]
  • (Workshop)  Dynamics in turns: compact powerful turns for small spaces [19:30-20:45]
  • (Milonga)  Milonga with TJ Stefan [21:00-03:00]
Saturday 28th June
  • (Workshop)  Rebotes & torsion: effective use of the floor to create an element of surprise [14:00-15:15]
  • (Workshop)  Asynchronicity: play with the separation of your movements to give an extra touch to your dance [15:30-16:45]
  • (Práctica)  Guided práctica with Stefan & Marian [17:00-19:00]
  • (Milonga)  Milonga [21:00-04:00]
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