Milonga workshop @ Tango Beach Festival – 29.08-02.09.2019

With Stefan & Marian

Looking around the wall

Milonga is the Mother of Tango they say. Simple, down to earth, monotonous, some even find it boring.

I myself find it rather a walk on the beach on a drizzly autumn afternoon. Such a joy walking on your own!

When you arrive at the beach you will be welcomed by the rhythm of the sea. You join the monotonous sound of the swell …. first heavily stamping through the loose sand. But soon you reach the solid sand where the flood has washed over and your steps become lighter. You can enjoy the firm and yet elastic sand and keep going in the rhythm of the waves. Every now and then you play with the rolling water – you follow it with small dribbling steps back and forth … giggling when you get wet toes again because you are surprised by a wave bigger than expected. The game of the waves becomes your game and you dance light-footed with them.

This is Milonga for us! Come and enjoy 🙂

For more information on this rather unique event where Traditional Tango meets Neo Tango in a First Class Kurhaus on the beach visit this Facebook event: Tango Beach Festival Neo-Traditional – 3 Areas Indoor & Outdoor

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