“Bitte keine Überraschungen: Richtungswechsel gut vorbereitet” @ tango mio halle e.V. – 07.09.2017

Workshop Halle 07-09-2017

With Stefan & Marian

The Tango school “El Corte” in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, under the lead of Eric Jeurissen can be seen as the crib of the European Tango and the Mother of all Tango-Marathons. Our guest-teachers Stefan Wimmer and his dance partner Marian feel and spread the spirit of this highly profound Tango which is accessible for dancers of all age and experience levels.

They define themselves with a very particular, at times minimalistic and unorthodox-traditional style which in the meantime has been adopted by a lot of Milonguer@s. But they also define the Tango anew with their unique and fresh approach. We’ve got the opportunity to undergo an example of their teaching methods and their well-travelled but still open and down-to-earth Tango.

Join us with our open class called “Bitte keine Überraschungen: Richtungswechsel gut vorbereitet”.

20:00 – 21:15
“Bitte keine Überraschungen: Richtungswechsel gut vorbereitet”
with Stefan & Marian
21:15 – ?
StudiLonga with TJ Stefan Wimmer
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