Workshops @ Tanzatelier Widance – 09.06.2018

Workshops @ Tanzatelier widance 09.06.2018

With Stefan & Komala

Staccato & legato: musical terms brought to life with cortados & paradas

A seminar from 15:00 – 18:00 o’clock

Staccato is an essential rhythmical element of the Tango Argentino. The short strong notes provide a swinging and lively character to the music and stimulate the dancers to keep moving. besides simple but rhythmically diverse shifts of weight it is above all the Ocho cortado which is suited to express the staccato feeling in the dance. Albeit being a very common movement the Ocho cortado due to his complexity still is a challenge which – executed correctly – can provide quite some surprises.
Legato on the other hand facilitates the dancers with a lot of calmness with the tied and connected character of the music. It offers them the possibility to integrate a moment of stillness into their dance paired with elegance. There is one stylistic element which is especially suited to honour those precious moments of stillness in the music: Paradas – little pauses in the dance introduced with a gentle stop. The continuation after those quiet moments is initiated with Pasadas – the occasion for followers to render their dance in a personal way and give it a special expression.
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