Workshops @ Tanzatelier Widance – 28-29.11.2015

Workshops @ Tanzatelier widance 28./29.11.2015

With Stefan & Komala

This time there will be workshops during Saturday & Sunday!!!

Saturday 28/11/2015
15.00 – 18.00Get around: turns with sacadas & boleos
Sunday 29/11/2015
12.30 – 15.30Change of direction: dynamic, musical, good

Komala & Stefan are well known for their love of detail and their playfulness & fun during the lessons. During this intensive workshop weekend they concentrate on 2 basic concepts in the Tango: turns and changes of direction.

Turns are a constant game of inviting & accepting that invitation. The art is to find the space for this interplay also in the close embrace. The focus in this workshop will be on both the basic technical elements as in change of weights, pivots and spiral movements in the body just as the timing that is essential to make those turns possible.

Changes of direction, also know as Alteraciónes, belong to the most surprising movements in the Tango. They demand from the leaders distinctness and softness at the same time and challenge the followers to admit to those unexpected changes of direction.

Both movement concepts are very suitable for the interpretation of music due to their dynamic character. To Komala & Stefan it matters a lot that the participants develop besides the insights into the technical part a keen sense how they can bring those concepts to life by applying the movements with different intensity being inspired through the music.

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